Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From Ibiza to mainland

First night on Ibiza was pretty wild again - it wasn't Ibiza's fault, there were no loud parties on the beach, no techno music from clubs. But the wind has changed direction again and got stronger and big waves started to roll directly into the bay where we anchored. Another night with little sleep .... 

Next day we visited Ibiza city, this is the fortress on the left side when you enter the port.

The old part of town looks very pretty. We first made a tour around the port with the boat, then anchored the boat under the fortress and went to town with dinghy.

Some impressions from the old town.

This is how port and part of old town look from the fortress.

Anchorage under the fortress - ours is the boat on the right.

Ibiza still has some of the shabby hippie atmosphere that made her famous, although with a high class touch. It is very different to Menorca or Mallorca, probably more international and less Spanish. I rather liked it. How can you not like a city where even street cats are fat :-) Of course she was looking away when i politely ask her to pose for the photo ....

Towards the evening the wind turned to NW and got stronger, by the time we left the anchorage in front of Ibiza city it was blowing with more then 20 knots. Forecast said the wind direction will not change during the night, so we picked Cala de Port Roig for out next night stop. It is on the south side of the island and  part of it is even protected from the south so we figured we would have a good night there. We had two hours of adrenalin sailing first to get there, with wind picking up to 33 knots at the moments, we were sailing only on a severely reefed gib (small genoa) and still reaching speed up to 8,3 knots. When we got there the anchorage was pretty full - obviously other people also pay attention to weather forecast! Thanks to good advice from fellow boater we picked a buoy on the south side of the bay and slept long and good that night.

Next morning most of the boats left, and we decided to postpone the passage to mainland to next day. And it was a great decision. The almost empty bay looked wonderful, water inviting and the summer feeling was back. There are some cliffs around cala, some villas on top of cliffs and a couple of old houses.

I found these "garages" for boats very interesting.

I truly fell in love in this beautiful sleepy bay and i wish we could have stayed longer. Next morning we left at about 8 and the sun was just coming up from behind the cliffs. We are still on the same mid-european time but already so far to the west that day starts later, but also ends later.

Passage to the mainland could have the title: another passage - another laundry day. There was almost no wind, so we motored almost all of the 54 miles to the mainland. We did 3 loads of laundry and a bit of cleaning and we both agreed that this passage was a hard one! 

The strong wind from two days ago has cleared the air and the Spanish mainland was visible almost the moment we left Ibiza. The wind also "arranged" for some big roller waves coming from north, it wasn't to bad but we were glad we waited one more day in Cala Porto Roig, the day before the rollers must have been huge.

This impressive cliff is the outer side of our first anchorage Puerto de Morayra. The inner side is by far less pretty - lots and lots of villas and hotels, and the surrounding is even worse - hundreds of tall apartment buildings and hotels, built straight on the beaches. So - no pictures. How i want Cabrera and Port Roig back!

The water was nice though and we went swimming right after throwing an anchor. I was a little worried since the bay was not fully protected from the south side and indeed we had some swell in the night and we both woke up several times. Today we moved to next good anchorage, only 6 miles away to Porto Calpe - this stretch of coast to Alicante doesn't have any very well protected anchorages, so let's see how tonight goes. I have a hunch that tomorrow night we are going to stay in a marina, although they are pricy ..... I am starting to develop a nostalgia for Adriatic sea, where wind is not to strong, waves are not to high and there are so many well protected bays to choose from. And where boat people can sleep well and long ... every night ...

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