Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sailing from Cres to Krk

After a big breakfast with lots of pancakes we left the rolly bay. First we sailed by the town of Krk, then we sailed along the Krk West coast to the bay near Njivice, where we dropped the anchor. It was already too late to go snorkelling, but we had a nice swim and delicious dinner.

Next morning I went snorkelling straight after breakfast. The bay was very different than the one from previous day, but again very interesting. I saw a Mediterranean fanworm (Spalancanijev cevkar or Sabella spallanzani) with sepia eggs attached to it.

There was also a Brown comber (Volkec), this time in more traditional colours.

Blennies kept on appearing in front of my lens, like this Tentacled blenny (Rogata babica or Parablennius tentacularis). 

I saw plenty of these guys, but they are really nervous and normally disappear into ground before I manage to make a photo, so I was really happy that this Sand fanworm (Peščeni cevkar or Myxicola infundibulum) let me come close.

I'm seeing lots of  Golden anemone (Zlata vetrnica or Condylactius aurantiaca), but this one was one  of the rare ones where the pink colour in the middle of anemone is visible.

In the middle of the day we sailed off towards Klimno. We made a stop for a swim and a snack just outside of the lagoon. Since this was a last chance to go snorkelling, I couldn't resist. I met this pair of sepias (sip), I'm not sure why the first one has that white spot around the eye and the second one on the back.

And another blenny - I think this is a Mystery blenny (Jelenka or Parablennius incognitus).

Longstriped blenny (Črnoboka babica or Parablennius rouxi).

And this one is a goby - a Bucchich's goby (Pikasti glavač or Gobius bucchichii)

And for the end one of the best discoveries - couple of Streaked gurnard (Progasti krulec or Chelidonichthys lastoviza). I've seen plenty of gurnards in Caribbean, there their pectoral fins are very blue, but their shape is very similar to these guys.  But I was really happy to see them.

In the afternoon we tied Heron to the buoys in Klimno. We had a nice meal in Oleander restaurant, and the holiday was over. I drove back to Žabnica and Captain stayed on the boat, he was meeting some relatives the week after. And I was warmly welcomed at home by my cat Šnuki 

and the blond hedgehog that comes every evening to our terrace.

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