Friday, October 24, 2014

Indian summer

The autumn was good to us, it looked like the weather tried to make up for the crappy summer. I was lucky to travel to London again, this time purely for pleasure.

Heron in Hyde park. The bird, not the boat

Serpentine in the evening

St James park was still very colourful

One of my favourite buildings - the London Hippodrome Casino

Beautiful Leadenhall Market

Watching the boats sailing into the St Katharine Docks marina from the Thames

A squirrel in Regents park

With winter approaching, one starts to think of holidays. I decided to make candied orange slices, dipped in chocolate. Some turned out really pretty, the ones that didn't we ate right away. They were delicious.

Last weekend was still sunny and warm, so we spend it on the boat. There was no wind, so we could not sail much. We sailed to Luka Srščica, a beautiful bay, where we lazied around, swam and did some  boat chores.

Looks like since yesterday autumn is over and the winter is coming. The remains of Gonzalo brought storm, heavy rain, floods again and cold. It seems unreal, that only a couple of day ago we had such a nice weekend on Heron and I was swimming in the sea.

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  1. Oh my! Your photos of London are just breathtakingly beautiful! I've been there twice already and every time I'm there I find myself falling in love all over again. Luka Srščica looks gorgeous, as nature can be. Thank you for sharing another update on your adventures! I hope autumn is bringing you fine winds! |

    Jacquelin Newton @ Jefferson Beach Marina