Thursday, October 31, 2013

Short update from Zabnica

We're slowly settling into a routine of everyday life. The house and garden received some time and energy and care and are in good shape and they feel like "ours" again. Up till now the autumn was very mild, which suits me well, and there are still plenty of flowers and veggies in the garden to please the eye and to have fresh bio-eco salad every evening.

Some mushrooms grew in our garden, I have to figure out exactly which kind they are, so maybe we can eat them next year, when they grow again.

Cats are preparing for the winter, they are getting fat and hairy.

Remember Moon and Ben, that were traveling through the Caribbean with small catamaran Dick Brano (their blog is on ? They came to visit last week on Tuesday with their friend Toby. We had very nice time together, on Wednesday morning we strolled through Ljubljana.

They only stayed for a short while, Toby was returning to Sweden and Moon and Ben traveled on to Venice already that afternoon. What a nice visit!

On Sunday we hiked the nearby hill Plesivica and found some mushrooms. This one was a big trophy, it was found by our neighbor Frenk, but it ended on our plate :-) and it was delicious!

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  1. We absolutely loved seeing you two again! And meeting all your lovely feline children ;) Your house is lovely and we appreciate so much that you let us stay! We love you and we hope to see you again in our next adventure! Big warm hugs from Cornwall!