Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weekend at Slovenian sea

The summer is ending. We had a lot of warm sunny weather, we tried to enjoy it as much as we could. Whenever I had the time I sat in my garden chair (behind the lavender blossom in the photo) and enjoyed the view of my garden. And a good book. And an ice cream.

This is my herb garden, I planted some thyme and bought some rosemary and lemon thyme. But basil in the front of the photo is the one that sailed with us across Atlantic.

Grapes got ripe and were delicious.

Even this Stinging nettle (kopriva) looked pretty.

On a sunny August weekend we went sailing for two days. On Saturday morning we sailed Heron from marina through the channel, and under the castle in Sistiana (Sesljan).

We sailed along Italian and then Slovene coast to Strunjan. We anchored on the S side of the bay behind the molluscs farm, where there were fewer boats. August is high season here, so the coast is quite crowded, and the sea also. And it was loud in the evening, although not as much as in Rodney Bay, St Lucia. But it looked nice in Sunday morning sun.

It was not all fun, the storms in the beginning of August tore two of the zippers on the bimini and we needed to fix it. Fortunately we could repair the longer one and we had to saw the shorter one.

Captain also checked the antifouling. Having Heron in fresh water is an advantage, boat bottom looks quite good.

Water was not cold, but it was colder than in Caribbean. I needed some time to get in.

In the afternoon we sailed along the coast to Piran. It is a beautiful old town. This is the church from the N, with boats anchoring under it.

Turning the corner to the East.

Afterwards we sailed across Bay of Triest (Trzaski zaliv) towards Monfalcone (Trzic). There was very little wind, and we were enjoying the slow ride. On the way we saw sea grass, that was organized in peculiar pattern, it looked like parquet.

A lot of jelly fish swam by.

In the evening we motored by the ruins of old castle in Sistiana...

... and up the channel with the hordes of other vessels to the marina.


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