Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Surviving the heat

For more than two weeks now we are having a real summer. It is a very hot summer, with day temperatures above 35 deg C, and even at night it stays above 20 deg C. Maybe the weather wants to make up for the cold in the beginning of July. I don't mind too much, I like the warmth, but I have the luxury to stay at home during the day and don't need to do any physical work outside during the warmest part of the day. 

Most of the activity outside happens in the morning and late in the evening, when it cools down a bit. I am watering the citrus plants every day, and they are doing fine. The lime tree is full of small limes...

... while it blooms at the same time.

There are some figs in the fig tree, if the autumn is warm and sunny they may get ripe.

The grapes are coming along nicely too.

I am also watering the garden every morning. I planted some beans...

... radicchio ...

... and lettuce. They would not survive this heat without plenty of water. It is a joy to see everything growing so well, and I'm looking forward to eat fresh vegetable without any chemicals soon.

Our dear neighbors planted a lot of things for us even before we came home, like these tomatoes. They will start getting ripe soon. Beside tomatoes they also planted carrots, beans, onions and cabbage. We're so lucky to have such great neighbors, they really have a heart of gold.

Our cats are very happy we're home, they are purring all the time. When they are not sleeping, which they do a lot. Here is Tinka doing the "shrimp" pose.

This is one of their favorite activities - beside sleeping and eating of course, they are laying on marble floor in our living room and are cooling down. But it is rare to have all three of them posing like here.

Cats are experts for sleeping, as Bela (bottom) and Tinka demonstrate here.

And Snuki likes to display his pretty spotted belly during his nap.

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