Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To Guadeloupe and back to Antigua

While captain and myself chose to take it slow on the day after the Christmas party, Laura, Mitja and Nejc made a tour to Shriley Heights and around English Harbour.

View from Shirley Heights to the west over English and Falmouth Harbour.

View to the east to Indian creek and Mamora bay.

On Thursday we sailed to Guadeloupe. On our way we caught this beautiful Dorado or Mahi mahi, as it is called in Caribbean.

There was a lot of wind and we sailed fast, we reached Deshaies in 5 and a half hours. Guadeloupe welcomed us with rain and rainbows.

On Friday we did some snorkeling and Captain made a hike up the Deshaies river with our visitors, it was his fourth time!

Me, I'm more of a lazy kind of girl and stick to the water. And snorkeling is pretty good in Deshaies.

This is Azure vase sponge.

And this is an octopus trying to look like a rock.

On Saturday afternoon our visitors flew back home. In the evening Rufus sailed into Deshaies anchorage and we had a very nice evening with Marion and Harald and Anette and Kerstin. And decided to all sail right back to Antigua the next day.

The weather was good, wind also and sailing was great. Not as fast as on Thursday, but also not so wild. We sailed close to another with Rufus....

... and there was a good opportunity to take some photos.

We reached Falmouth Harbour in good 6 hours. In the night the rain washed our boat of all the salt of the day before. Last day of the year was very rainy, so we stayed on boat. Luckily in the evening rain stopped, just in time for a dinner at Trappas and a party in English Harbour afterwards.

Happy 2013 everyone!

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