Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Leaving Lanzarote

Our crew arrived on saturday and on sunday we did a tour through the island.  We were all enchanted by the unspoiled nature of Lanzarote.



Wine is grown in small burrows in the volcanic ground, each surrounded by a wall - it looks like each wine is living in its own balcony.

We all agreed this would be a perfect cottage for a holiday.

Mirjana, Igor and admiral at the Mirador del Rio - the NW point of Lanzarote.

Yesterday and today we were busy with finishing the boat projects and buying provisions. It was much harder than anticipated - the projects were more numerous  than we thought and buying food was just half of the work - the other half was finding a place for it on the boat and stowing it away.

One of the boat projects was climbing the mast and exchanging the block for the gennaker halyard. Igor was the one to climb the mast this time.

This is just the fragment of food we bought for our journey - all the cans and jars, and flour, pasta and rice. We already stowed away meat, salamis and cheese and drinks. And tomorrow we are buying fresh fruit, vegetables and bread.

We are planning to sail off tomorrow early in the afternoon. We are all anxious to go, we are all happy that preparations are finished, it' been a hard hard work.

We will be posting our positions and a few words almost every day from our satellite phone. If you wish to see where we are, take a look at the link:


The guys from sailing club Potepuh will be charting our position on the map on their site.

So bye for now! And Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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