Thursday, June 30, 2011

Great recipe for a big octopus

Our friends Irena (lovely lady on the left) and Pik (nice man in the middle) took good care of us, while we were staying with them. Food was plenty and excellent, drinks as well. We really had a good time - as it can be seen from our smiling faces ...

One day we bought a big octopus, and i learned a great recipe for preparing it from our friends. By the way, our octopus weight  2,7 kilo.

The octopus is washed, put in pressure cooker, in goes the generous portion of good olive oil, then the lid is closed and put on stove. When the pressure builds up, turn the heat to minimum, and cook the octopus another 15 minutes. After letting it cool down sufficiently to open the cooker, take the octopus out, use the best pieces for delicious salad, and the rest - together with the stock - for most yummy risotto you ever ate!

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